Uinta County Weed and Pest

Weeds that are never planted will never need to be controlled.

WHY Uinta County Weed and Pest?

Uinta County Weed and Pest assists residents in Uinta County with noxious weed control and pests as directed by state statutes. Uinta County Weed & Pest District was formed under W.S. 1 1-5-101 to W.S. 1 1-5-119.

Uinta County works to prevent the introduction of new harmful species into the county, or the spread of these species into areas of the county they do not currently inhabit


Prevention saves time and money in the long run and reduces the negative or non-target consequences of control activity. The primary preventive techniques are public education, certified weed free hay, good seed laws and early detection on new infestations coupled with rapid response.



Since Uinta County Weed Pest is a government organization we do not compete with the services provided by private contractors. If you need information on businesses that provide services please



Uinta County Weed and Pest District personnel are available to visit private land to identify weeds and will assist with the development of weed management plans for declared and designated noxious weeds free of charge. Personnel are also available to certify fields. Spray equipment is available as well as a cost share on herbicides up to $1,000 per customer. Cost share on labor will be noxious weed dependent. Labor cost share will have a limit of $1,000 similar to the herbicides. Management plans for noxious weeds in Uinta County will vary depending on species, location and various other factors.



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