Forage will have to meet the minimum standards outlined in the North American Weed Free Forage Program. An inspection of the field is required to check for noxious weeds and undesirable plants listed on the North American Noxious Weed list. It is beneficial for producers interested in certifying a field to be aware of weeds present and treat any area before the field is inspected. This aids in the possibility of obtaining certification in that field.

It will be necessary to contact the Weed & Pest at least five days in advance to schedule a field inspection.

Inspection shall be within 10 days prior to harvest.

Fence lines, irrigation ditches and stack yards are checked.

If the hay is to be moved out of the field, inspection of the storage area needs to be made.

If noxious weeds are found and have viable seed without treatment the field cannot be certified.

The inspection charge is $30.00.

Certified twine and hay tags can be purchased from Uinta County Weed & Pest.

Interstate shipment of forage shall be accompanied by an original transit certificate issued by proper officials in the state of origin.