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Bear River Divide CWMA
The Bear River Divide (BRD) CWMA consists of approximately 300,000 acres North of Evanston that involves multiple landowners from the private and public sectors in Uinta, Lincoln and Rich Counties.  The objective of the organization is to control invasive species with a landscape approach, as weeds do not understand property boundaries.  The group works cooperatively in weed management by spraying, having weed workdays, and mapping treated infestations. Members involved include pipeline and oil companies, The Belle Butte Grazing Association, Kemmerer BLM Office, Weed and Pest Districts from Uinta, Lincoln and Rich County, State Lands, and many other private landowners.

Coordinated Weed Management Areas in Uinta County

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Bear River Weed Pull

The Bear River Weed Pull is an annual event held each summer at the Bear River Ice Ponds.  Volunteers come and assist with filling garbage bags full of noxious weeds.  The event is sponsored by Uinta County Weed and Pest, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service 4-H, Evanston Parks and Recreation, Bear Project, Inc. and the City of Evanston.  This project assists with the control of weeds near the waters edge and provides educational opportunities as well as service projects for youth.  After all the work is done participants can enjoy ice cream while taking a relaxing ride in a paddle boat courtesy of the Parks and Recreational Center.

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Blacks Fork River Salt Cedar
The project at Blacks Fork River and Tributaries involves the removal of tamarix (saltcedar) and other invasive species along Muddy Creek and the Black Fork Streams in southwest Wyoming, to improve and restore wetland and stream riparian areas. Maintaining and enhancing native vegetation is a priority for the area. This multiyear undertaking includes treatment for invasive species, and planting desired species to provide stream stabilization. The endeavor is a cooperative effort with the BLM Kemmerer Field Office, Uinta County Weed and Pest District, Uinta County Conservation District, Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) and many private landowners. Uinta County Weed and Pest District has partnered with WLCI over the last four years, and has been instrumental in implementing the project. Key to the success of this project is the effort and expertise provided by Chris Aimone with the Uinta County Weed and Pest District, and Carl Bezanson, with the Kemmerer BLM office.

The Blacks' Fork River, Muddy Creek and tributaries traverse portions of Uinta County in Southwest Wyoming. These streams provide water for fisheries, livestock, and wildlife, as well as recreation opportunities. The Blacks Fork Basin encompasses a total of 2,849 square miles, consisting of ten 5th order HUC's and sixty five 6th order HUC's. Headwaters originate on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains in Utah and flow north into Wyoming.

Black Fork Salt Cedar (View Treatment Area Map)

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Windmill Fire Burn

In 2010 a fireburned over 5,000 acres north of I-80 east of Evanston, Wyoming.  Cheatgrass was present in varying densities with desirable vegetation intermixed in the landscape.  The area has multiple landowners that includes, state lands, private lands and BLM.  Cheatgrass infestations have the tendency to thrive in ground that has been burned.  BLM, Uinta County Weed and Pest District, University of Wyoming and private landowners are closely monitoring the area and weed infestations along with cheatgrass are being treated.  University of Wyoming Professor Brian Mealor and students are working with various agencies regarding research on the area.  Aerial imagery was taken in the summer of 2011 to monitor and ground truth areas of cheatgrass occurrence.

Windmill Fire Burn (View Map)

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